If you are on campus, you should be able to use any of the databases listed on the Databases A - Z page without any logins required or any of the library’s website. The databases are set to recognize that you are coming from a campus IP address and should allow immediate access. You do not need to login to the library’s website to access the databases.

If you are off campus and trying to use library resources from home, you can still get to them. We use a system called EZ Proxy to verify users off campus.

Again, you’ll need to use the library’s homepage and select the resource you would like to use. Once you do, the system will recognize that you are not on Spring Hill College’s campus and ask you for a username and password. The username and password is your BadgerWeb username (just the stem, for example, mine is ljensen not ljensen@shc.edu) and password. The system will then treat you as if you are on campus, and you can use the resources.

If your BadgerWeb username and password does not work on EZ Proxy…then most of the time when this happens - if you can log into Gmail, BadgerWeb, or Canvas, but nothing else, your active directory password expired. If you go to https://mypassword.shc.edu - it will let you change/update your password.