What is MyPassword?

Spring Hill College uses the MyPassword service to allow students, faculty, and staff to easily change/reset their passwords in a secure environment.

MyPassword can be accessed at https://mypassword.shc.edu/

Students/Faculty/Staff Password Resets

  1. Go to https://mypassword.shc.edu/
  2. Click ‘edit my profile’ if you have never use MyPassword before, or if you need to change security questions
  3. Enter all of the necessary information, or change current information if necessary
  4. After you have your profile created, click ‘Change my password’ if you know your password. Click ‘Reset my password’ if you do not know your password
  5. Use your BadgerWeb info as the username and password. Do NOT use your student/faculty/staff email as the username
  6. Select ‘Student’ from the domain menu if you are a student. If you are faculty or staff, select ‘SHC’ as the domain
  7. Submit the information and follow any further instructions if any are given

I forgot the answers to my security questions!

For the safety of our clients, if you forget the answers to your security questions you will need to visit the IT Helpdesk in person and bring the following items:

  • One of the following
    • your student ID
    • a valid state-issued drivers license
    • a valid state-issued non-drivers ID
  • A phone number or alternate email address so we can send you your new password

If you do not have a valid ID, a college faculty or staff member may be allowed to provide positive identification of the student in person at the Helpdesk.

A Helpdesk agent will verify your identity and initiate the password reset process.

Other tips & tricks

Always make sure that you are entering the correct information when logging in to a Spring Hill Account:

  • Double check spelling in usernames and passwords
  • Make sure your caps-lock is not turned on
  • Use your full email (e.g., firstname.n.lastname@email.shc.edu) for logging into your student email account
  • Use your full email (e.g., firstname.n.lastname@shc.edu) for logging into your faculty/staff email account
  • Use your BadgerWeb account info (e.g., firstname.n.lastname) for BadgerWeb, MyPassword, and logging into public computers around campus
  • If all else fails, call the Helpdesk at 380-2276 or email us at helpdesk@shc.edu